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Automatic Bath Faucet Soap Dispenser

Bathroom Soap Dispenser On Sale

The automatic bath faucet soap dispenser is a very unique, elegant, enchanted features faucet. The upgraded items and additions make it a very premium look and functionality. The motion of the product depends on the soap flow space and motion of hands. The infrared detection sensor is sensitive to identify the position of hands and work accordingly to avoid any discomfort for the customers. Many types of liquids are added that work smoothly with the faucet. Flexible design and installation method to make maximum easiness for the automatic function. It’s sometimes called foam soap dispense because it ejects the soap in a foamy appearance. The construction material is stainless steel that makes it more durable. The sensor is self-manageable without touching the sensor.

Features and Functions
First of all, the infrared Ai sensor detects the motion of hands and makes the function quick and comfortable. This superb functionality protects your clothes and ensures the cleanliness of the bath. It takes milliseconds less than one second to start working with the motion of your hands. 4AA Alakine battery size makes the faucet's working life long-lasting and is hassle-free. The power supply is AC or DC depending upon the availability of the customers. Installation design is exposed and easy to handle method.

Easily usable in public facilities like washrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and hotels. All the materials and functions are up to the US standards making the product up to date to meet the modern safety measures.

Automatic Bath Faucet Soap Dispenser