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Restaurant Motion Sensor Faucets


Our motion sensor faucets are best solution to your restroom upgrades. They are solid brass and vandal resistant and come with full 5 year manufacturer warranty. Avoid contamination and cross contamination when you upgrade to these touchless faucets.

The restaurant motion sensor faucets are ideal for commercial usage. There comes variety of designs and sizes under this water sensor faucets category. These faucets have built in motion control which minimizes the use of hands and there are even no handles that would generate the germs. The best thing about these water faucets is that they have motion sensors so they are ideal to be installed in restaurants. To keep the consistency of the faucets uniform, you can preset the water flow rate and temperature of the faucet. There is a built in sensor which automatically detects whether an object is in front of it or not. Using the restaurant motion sensor faucets also minimize the water wastage as they only turn on when there is hand in front of. The best part of this water faucet is that it has a preset to turn off automatically after 30 seconds so they are unlike the regular water faucet which usually we forget to turn off.

These water faucets being touch free minimize the spread of germs and prevent contamination and cross contamination. They are easy to clean. These water faucets are made with high quality materials and are durable and long lasting. Other than the restaurants, they are ideal for all commercial usages. The faucets are manufactured according to the US plumbing standards. They have different shapes, designs and sizes. You can select the one meeting your bathroom’s interior requirements. Moreover they can be installed in the existing settings.

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