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Smart Way To Upgrade Your Restaurant Faucet To Touchless Motion Sensor Faucet

Restaurants that prioritize hygiene and customer convenience by using touchless faucets can positively influence customer perception. Touchless faucets are widely used in restaurant restrooms due to their ability to enhance hygiene and reduce the risk of cross-contamination. With no need for physical contact, customers can conveniently wash their hands without touching faucet handles, promoting a cleaner and more sanitary environment. These faucets also offer time efficiency, as users can quickly access water without turning knobs or handles. Additionally, touchless faucets contribute to water conservation and are easy to maintain. Their modern and design appeal complements the restaurant's ambiance, while their compliance with health regulations ensures a hygienic restroom experience, positively impacting customer perception of the establishment. Our touchless motion sensor faucets are best solution to any upscale restroom. They are solid brass and vandal resistant and come with full 5 year manufacturer warranty. Our restaurant motion sensor faucets are ideal for commercial usage.

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These water faucets being touch free minimize the spread of germs and prevent contamination and cross contamination. They are easy to clean. These water faucets are made with high quality materials and are durable and long lasting. Other than the restaurants, they are ideal for all commercial usages. The faucets are manufactured according to the US plumbing standards. They have different shapes, designs and sizes. You can select the one meeting your bathroom's interior requirements. Moreover they can be installed in the existing settings.

Upgrade your restaurant bathrooms with the emerging technology by FontanaSensorFaucets. Fontana presents a modern and traditional merge of technology. Restaurant motion sensor faucets by Fontana are one of the attractive fixtures for hotels and restrooms. It gives the restaurants a classy and decent look. You can enhance the grace of restrooms by installing these amazing restaurants motion sensor faucets in your restaurants bathrooms. It is very attractive specifically for the commercial units. This faucet is available in different colors, styles, and finishes. They are available in oil rubbed nickel, stainless, brass, gold, and black finish. Every color and finish go best with every bathroom exterior. It's really hard to select one out of the wide exclusive range. They are available in different styles as well. some are deck mounted and some are wall-mounted. Some are available in the waterfall design.

They are touchless faucets that guarantee no touching to switch it on and off. It is installed with microchips, working on infrared technology. The chips detect the human body and pour out the water. They use a high alkaline battery which is purchased separately. The chips have sensors that detect the infrared radiations radiated by the human body. It will prevent water loss. Unattended water flow can be prevented. The most wonderful feature about using these technologies in public places is less contamination of germs. You can prevent the spreading of germs and as a result, your customers will be secured by any deadly disease. It provides complete hygiene properties. Fit all US plumbing style.