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Public Restroom Motion Sensor Faucets

best uPGRADE for Public Restroom touchless FAUCETS

Our touchless faucets are best solution to your restroom upgrades. They are solid brass and vandal resistant and come with full 5 year manufacturer warranty. Avoid contamination and cross contamination when you upgrade to these touchless faucets.

When upgrading a public bathroom, there are many fixtures or interior elements that can be replaced. The faucet, however, is perhaps, the most significant fixture that should be upgraded. If the commercial bathroom does not already have a sensor faucet, it is about time you make the change. The sensor/touchless technology is perhaps the most important and beneficial addition to a public bathroom because of its benefits in terms of hygiene and water wastage. If you are in search of a touchless faucet for a public bathroom, FontanaSensorFaucets is the place you need to visit.

With its latest collection of public restroom sensor faucets, FontanaSensorFaucets has brought a very wide range of touchless faucets. The products here come in a number of finishes, styles, colours, and types. The solid brass construction and vandal-resistant design make for a very durable option. The touchless feature eliminated the need to touch the faucet and thus minimizes any chances of contracting germs from the faucet that many others may otherwise have touched. The faucets are finished with brushed nickel or gold that gives them a shiny and appealing outlook. The faucets here are mostly deck-mount in variety.

The elegant brushed nickel or gold surface is the trending option in today’s market. Gold finish indicates luxury. Touchless technology, on the other hand, is a modern feature in bathroom fixtures today. Together, these features make for the perfect addition to a contemporary-style bathroom. The faucets are made of solid brass that makes them highly durable and long-lasting, minimizing maintenance costs. In all, these faucets are just what you need in a public restroom.

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Automatic Electronic Sensor Faucet mixer All-in-One Parts comes with Ceramic Cartridge and Built-in check valve Fontana Laroma All-in-one Thermostatic Sensor Faucet
Retail Price: $401.00
Sale Price: $353.05
Gold Plated Contemporary touchless bathroom faucets Lenox Gold Tone Finish Sensor Faucet
Retail Price: $411.00
Sale Price: $353.05