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Hotel Motion Sensor Faucets


Our touchless sensor faucets are best solution to your restroom upgrades. They are solid brass and vandal resistant and come with full 5 year manufacturer warranty. Avoid contamination and cross contamination when you upgrade to these touchless faucets.

The Fontana Motion Sensor faucets are an upgrade that offers more practicality and ease. The beautiful finish of it is made for modern and contemporary style bathrooms. It will immediately change the aesthetics of a bathroom giving it a very elegant and classy look. The best thing about them is that they will go in really well with other fixtures in the bathroom and won't clash with the design or pattern, but rather complement it more. They are made from solid brass, this material, in particular, is very durable and lasts a long time. Along with this brass, the material is less likely to cause any leakage or corrode.

Touchless faucets come with many added benefits. No one will touch the faucets to turn the water on which as a result will stop the faucet from getting dirty or spreading any germs due to the numerous hands touching the surface. Added to this, sensor faucets do not allow any water wastage and the water immediately turns off as soon as you remove your hands. These motion sensor faucets also are vandal resistant so they can be installed in hotel rooms easily without having to worry about anything. Along with that, the touchless feature does not allow any contamination. Added to this FontanaSensorFaucets offers a five-year warranty for your ease. Upgrade to motion sensor faucets if you are looking for less water wastage, a more hygienic environment, and added class and elegance to your bathroom.

FontanaSensorFaucets is one reliable and trustworthy choice for the best collection of contemporary and modern bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Modern fixtures or traditional ones, FontanaSensorFaucets has the perfect collection for your commercial bathrooms. For commercial use like in hotels, FontanaSensorFaucets interests a great range of motion sensor faucets that you can choose from. Durable in construction, and with a great variety, you are sure to find something that interest you.

Hotel motion sensor faucets are found in deck-mount and wall-mount designs. These motion sensor faucets have different neck designs like gooseneck and waterfall sensor faucets. Modern bathroom motion sensor faucets for hotels are battery-operated and have a digital display that monitors and shows the water temperature. Hotel sensor faucets have different finishes like gold, chrome, brushed nickel, stainless steel, and bronze. These faucets are durable and long-lasting, and are easy to use and operate, making them an ideal option for commercial use.

Hotel motion sensor faucets offer many benefits, making them an ideal choice for commercial use. These faucets are auto operated, meaning that they do not need to be touched. As the faucets are not touched, there is a reduced risk of germ transfer. Moreover, these faucets open only when needed, ensuring that now water is lost in the process of operation. The multiplicity of finishes makes it easy to choose the best ones for commercial use. These motion sensor faucets are durable in construction and last a good, long while. With such a great variety of modern and traditional faucets, you can easily find the best ones.

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