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Commercial Matte Black Sensor Faucets

Fontana motion sensor faucets come in matte black finish. The sensor faucets are made of solid brass construction and are designed to give years of performance and quality looks. The matte black finish is a high end finish that will work with any color scheme in any commercial restroom.

Fontana Commercial Matte Black Touchless Hands Free Sensor Faucets

Fontana motion sensor faucets come in Black finish that matches the old world charm of Venetian and Coal Bronze finishes. The finish gives an elegant appearance that is sought after in today’s upscale homes. Solid brass construction is designed to give years of performance and quality looks. The black sensor faucet finish is one of the most popular in the range of antique finishes offered today in the Plumbing Industry. The ORB color sparkle today like they did in the past. Such color captures the timeless beauty of any restroom hardware and lighting, making it easy to unify the look of any commercial bath. The black color has a high end look, giving the commercial bathroom a warm, inviting feel, and those matte black sensor faucets color will not fade or tarnish over time, At first the finish was simply sealed with a light coating of mineral oil. This enhanced the color and acted as a temporary barrier. The traditional black process does produce consistent batch-to-batch colors. At Fontana you can select several styles of the black motion sensor faucets. The black finish are usually more expensive than nickel and brass, and are often used in country, rustic, Old World and traditional style restrooms. You can also check some of those faucets that fits in commercial bathroom which are designed for use in public restrooms with high traffic such as a shopping malls, airport, hospitals. Those commercial faucets are becoming more popular at upscale restaurants and hotels. At Fontana Sensor Faucets the black finish of touchless commercial motion sensor faucets will not fade, tarnish or corrode over the lifetime of the sensor faucet.
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