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Electronic Faucets Commercial

FontanaShowers specializes in luxury touchless bathroom faucets and automatic soap dispensers, and as part of their commitment to providing top-quality products and excellent customer service, we offer downloadable BIM files and Revit files for our touchless bathroom faucets and automatic soap dispensers. By offering BIM files and Revit files,

BIM Files Downloadable

FontanaShowers is making it easier for architects, designers, and engineers to incorporate their products into their building designs. These files allow designers to create accurate 3D models of their building designs that include the FontanaShowers products, ensuring that the final product meets the client's expectations and specifications. To download the BIM and Revit files for FontanaShowers electronic faucets, users can visit the FontanaShowers BIM & Revit website index page or navigate to the product page for the specific product they are interested in.

On the product page, there will be a link to download the BIM and Revit files. If for any reason you are not able to download our files please feel free to email us a link(s) of product(s) and we will email you the file(es). In addition to offering downloadable BIM and Revit files, FontanaShowers also provides detailed product information and specifications on the website. This information can help designers choose the right products for their projects and ensure that they are making informed decisions. Overall our commitment to offering downloadable BIM and Revit files for touchless bathroom faucets and automatic soap dispensers as well as all our bathroom fixtures is a testament to our dedication in providing quality products and excellent customer service.

By making it easier for designers to incorporate their products into their designs, FontanaShowers is helping to create beautiful and functional bathrooms that meet the needs of our architects, designers and corporate clients. If a customer is not able to download the BIM and Revit files from the FontanaShowers website, they can contact the customer support team via email and provide the links of the products for which they need the files. The customer support team will then email the files to the customer.

Rethinking Public Restroom Design in the Age of COVID-19

Sensor activated faucets will eliminate the likelihood of transferring germs and bacteria in public restrooms

Touchless faucets are often used in commercial / public bathrooms to help conserve water and reduce the spread of germs

Why Touchless Faucets in Commercial Lavatories and Public Restrooms Are Must?
They offer several advantages, including improved hygiene, convenience, water conservation, cost savings, and improved user experience. With such benefits, touchless systems provide a better, safer, and more enjoyable restroom experience for all users.

Touch Free Faucets Commercial

Touchless, hands-free automatic faucets are easy, effective and affordable faucets for various public restrooms uses. The touchless faucets are hygienic and convenient to handle since they operate without the hassle of manual control. The design is very majestic, sleek, and a superb combination of durability and long-lasting uses. The color of the faucet is polished chrome that gives a lovely look. The faucet provides a modern out-class look. The product’s corners are designed to increase the user experience. The method of deck mount installation procedure makes it a classic example of easy access to the customers. The overall appearance of the product is very delicate and sleek.

Features and Functions

The only hole that is wide and opened to maintain the smooth flow of soap or water. The detection sensor identifies the movement of hands to give effortless easiness—the touchless feature to prevent contamination from germs. When you put your hands under the faucet, it opens up the flow and vice versa. The faucet has a dependable working capacity and eco-conscious design to increase the user a good experience. The smooth flow of a few gallons per minute is a good efficiency. 4AA Alkaline battery with a long life can work up to several days. The installation guide is also added to facilitate the customers to boost up the user’s easiness. The auto shuts off the system when there is a supply of power. Specific applications/ uses are public restrooms, offices and other high traffic space.