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Chrome Automatic Soap Dispensers

The automatic technology of these soap dispensers makes them hygienic alternative to traditional soap dispensers, in any commercial bathroom. The fact that the soap dispenser will automatically dispense the necessary amount of soap also prevents wastage that is particularly problematic in these settings. The elegant chrome finish is easy to maintain and keep clean. With their solid brass and metal construction, these soap dispensers will last very long and are durable to their core.

The Fontana soap dispensers in this collection offer a diverse range of contemporary styles, catering to various design preferences and installation needs. Among the options available, you'll find the long neck chrome soap dispenser, which features a sleek and modern design with an elongated spout for easy dispensing. This dispenser is not only functional but also adds a touch of elegance to any bathroom setting. Additionally, the collection includes both wall mount and deck mount soap dispensers, providing flexibility in how they can be installed. Wall mount soap dispensers are ideal for saving counter space and creating a clean and streamlined look, while deck mount options can be seamlessly integrated into the sink or countertop, offering convenience and accessibility. Whether you're looking for a contemporary soap dispenser with a unique spout design or one that suits your specific installation requirements, Fontana collection has an array of stylish and practical choices.

Chrome Automatic Soap Dispenser
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Fontana Commercial Automatic Liquid Foam Soap Dispenser Fontana Commercial Liquid Foam Automatic Soap Dispenser

Retail Price: $818.21
starting at: $779.18
Fontana Touch Free Commercial Automatic Hand Sanitizer Soap Dispenser Fontana Commercial Automatic Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser

Retail Price: $685.08
starting at: $618.23
automatic foam soap dispenser Fontana Commercial Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser

Retail Price: $818.21
starting at: $746.72
Automatic Liquid Soap Dispensers Fontana Verona Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser

Retail Price: $851.60
starting at: $727.36

The soap dispensers in this collection are in both deck- and wall-mount varieties. These touchless soap dispensers are chrome-finished, elegant, and sleek in appearance. The modern touchless technology used in these soap dispensers makes them a modern addition to any commercial or domestic bathroom. You need no longer to manually operate the dispenser.

The chrome finish makes it an ideal addition to any bathroom, with any other fixture, and against any backdrop. Soap dispensers in this collection are made mainly of metal and brass, finished with chrome. The automatic faucets offer exceptional performance. The faucets are designed to provide you some worth considering and extraordinary features. With the help of touch-less operation, faucets decrease the re-contamination of germs and bacteria.

As you would not touch the handles, so there would be no contamination of viruses as well. The faucets decrease water usage by reducing water use during lathering, soaping, and scrubbing. The faucets are made from high-quality materials. the faucets can last for a long time, thus becoming ideal for residential and commercial uses.

The faucets are designed so intelligently. With the help of a micro-computer, you can control the amount of water and temperature. The installation is straightforward and can be done with the help of small tools without hiring professionals. These faucets can detect your hands ' motion with the help of précised infrared motion sensors and deliver an adequate amount of water. So, you can turn them on automatically.

So, turn on or off without touching the handle. Well, this feature is a great help while you are preparing for dinner or if you are at public places. In both cases, it will decrease the chance of cross-contamination of germs and bacteria. Therefore, these automatic faucets are ideal for public places like hospitals, hotels, coffee bars, etc. These chrome automatic soap dispensers are an ideal choice for your modern-day bathrooms. The touchless motion sensors are designed for the effortless water flow, which becomes a perfect alternative for your traditional faucets b decreasing water consumption.