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Water Saver Automatic Sensor Faucet

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The Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) states that, “Handwashing causes a significant reduction in the carriage of potential pathogens on the hands.” Yet, according to APIC’s Guideline for Handwashing and Hand Antisepsis in Health Care Settings, proper handwashing occurs only about half as often as it should and usually for a shorter duration than recommended. For users to gain the most benefits from handwashing, specifiers should pay close attention to faucet details.

FontanaSensorFaucets offers its customers a great collection of contemporary and traditional bathroom fixtures for your commercial use. From modern, latest fixture designs to traditional ones, FontanaSensorFaucets has them all. Amongst all other bathroom fixtures, automatic sensor faucets are a common choice because of their ease of use, and water-saving feature.

There is a great variety available at FontanaSensorFaucets, so you can easily find the most suitable automatic sensor faucets for commercial bathrooms.

Water-saving automatic sensor faucets have multiple designs, ranging from wall-mount faucets to deck-mount ones. The neck designs also vary based on the faucet design and style. While most designs may be goose-neck faucets, other commercial ones have waterfall faucets. Moreover, you can find different finishes in these automatic faucets from gold, chrome, and bronze to brushed nickel and stainless steel.

Modern water-saving automatic sensor faucets support thermostatic control, meaning that the water temperature can be adjusted as required. These faucets are durable and easy to use.

Automatic sensor faucets have multiple benefits amongst which the most evident is the water-saving feature. As these sensor faucets turn on and off using a detector to detect hand motion, it ensures that no water goes to waste. Moreover, the multiple styles and designs make it easier to choose the best ones for commercial use.
The great range of traditional and modern designs makes it easy to choose the best commercial choices. These automatic sensor faucets are durable in their style and design and ensure longevity, making them an economical choice for commercial use.

Water Saver Automatic Sensor Faucet

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