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Bronze Finish Faucet/Soap Dispenser Sets

Fontana motion sensor faucets come in available in Venetian Bronze finish.

The oil rubbed bronze motion sensor faucets are ideal for commercial and residential use. You can install these faucets simply in any type of bathroom interior as they have a modern and classy look to complement the interior of your bathroom. The automatic built in sensor in the faucet controls the water flow and minimize the wastage of water. The faucet automatically turns on when hand is placed in front of it. This is why they are easy to use and they are germs free because the faucet functions touch less. The oil rubbed bronze motion sensor faucets are ADA compliant and they are best for the use of children.

The sensor is easy to install and the set of soap dispenser and sensor faucet can be used in the old installation setting. The faucet prevents cross contamination and recontamination and reduces the risk of germ transfer. Beside the hygienic factor on the soap dispenser & sensor faucet, is that they minimize the water wastage by turning on and off in time. The faucet will remain off while scrubbing, lathering, soaping and drying the hands. The water flow in this water faucet is so smooth. You can install this faucet for commercial as well as residential usage. The faucet fits all the US plumbing standards. The faucet is made with high quality material and it has oil rubbed bronze finishing which provides a classy look to the faucet. It is made with water resistant materials that don’t let the faucet rust for even after years of use. Solid brass used in the manufacturing of the faucet makes it long lasting and durable.

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