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T&S Touchless Faucet Sensor Troubleshooting

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The Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) states that, “Handwashing causes a significant reduction in the carriage of potential pathogens on the hands.” Yet, according to APIC’s Guideline for Handwashing and Hand Antisepsis in Health Care Settings, proper handwashing occurs only about half as often as it should and usually for a shorter duration than recommended. For users to gain the most benefits from handwashing, specifiers should pay close attention to faucet details. Shop our Wide range of Automatic sensor faucets at FontanaSensorFaucets for your bathroom including Automatic Hands Free Faucet, Contemporary Sensor Faucet, Infrared Automatic Faucet, Digital Display Motion Sensor Faucet at affordable price.
HighTech T&S Touchless Faucet Sensor Troubleshooting