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Smart Faucet

Faucets have become technologically advanced and one of the best in class faucets are the smart faucets by Fontanasensorfaucets. These have smart capabilities that make them in line with the best faucets available in the market. The smart feature associates directly with the functioning of the faucet as it can be utilized not rotating knobs or lever mechanism instead by detecting the motion near it. The smart faucet is operated with the help of an infrared sensor that detects motion near it. So when the motion is detected the water starts flowing and when it stops the water flow stops. This not only adds a great convenience to the overall system but also saves a lot of water as the process of water flow is very instantaneous. The faucets complement the working with a solid build quality that is made especially for commercial use, so they are rigid and tough.

The whole construction is done using metal especially stainless steel which is very heavy duty and does rust with time. The product is perfect to be used in washrooms, kitchens and any others hand basins. They are recommended for commercial use due to their rigidness but are also perfect to be sued in homes. It also comes with all the necessary fittings installed and is compatible with the normal plumbing that we have in our homes so the installation process is also hassle free and easy. The product will prove to you how our smart faucets are superior over the normal faucets.

HighTech Smart Faucet