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Motion Sensor Water Faucet For Dogs

Is that filthy water bowl still in your possession? It is sitting in your backyard, almost through with its preparations for the next major flu outbreak. You do not have to jeopardize your well-being to keep your dog hydrated! Yes, there are now more choices for quenching his thirst during the summer's hottest days.The dog water faucet is a modern development that is an automatic, motion-sensing drinking fountain. When your dog's nose is about 3 inches away from the sensor, it turns on. When your nose gets close enough to your hawk, your pet will drink fresh water. Do not worry about conserving water because the fountain will stop squirting as soon as your dog walks away!

It is easy to set up this motion sensor water dog faucet. What you need is an outdoor faucet if you already have one. It has four C-cell batteries that will keep your dog watered for up to a year. Then all you must do is change the batteries.No worries if you think your dog is too short or too tall. You can adjust the height of the hull to fit every dog. It is also adaptable, as it can detect your furry friend from a 40-degree angle (concerning the device).

Furthermore, the pump can be easily connected to any outdoor faucet. It can also be used with the flow-through connector that comes with the Water dog kit. If you want to use the garden hose and the outdoor faucet simultaneously, this is extremely helpful. As a result, your dog will stay hydrated during the day and night!