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Commercial Soap Dispenser Countertop

Touchless soap dispensers are great for kitchens, laundry, and bathrooms. Motion-activated soap dispensers clean your hands without spreading germs. These soap dispenser doesn't drip. The dispenser's exterior can be cleaned using a moist cloth. Most liquid soaps, hand sanitizers, and lotions can be used in the touchless soap dispenser. When actuated, the infrared motion sensor dispenses soap, sanitizer, or lotion without contact.

Fontana Temperature Control LEO Sensor Faucet

Commercial Soap Dispenser Countertop: Soap Dispenser's resemblance to a sink faucet makes it handy in many plumbing systems. Infrared ray emission and reception replace physical interaction. Chromed brass preserves the spout's shine. User-adjustable foam quantity and drying time allow for customization. Remotely adjust the time, sensor range, and foam amount.
Commercial Washrooms Countertop Soap Dispensers: The Venetian bronze Commercial Washrooms Countertop Soap Dispensers are ideal for bathroom setups where the soap dispenser is a focal point. This soap dispenser works best over the sink. It runs on batteries or AC/DC. It also features a built-in infrared motion sensor that detects your hand in one pass and pumps the right amount of soap without touching it. A commercial automatic foam soap dispenser costs more upfront, but controlling consumer soap use saves money over time. Customers will welcome the extra step toward touchless service.

Commercial Soap Dispenser Countertop: A new gold-finish sensing faucet-focused convenience. The touch-free design and sophisticated electronic sensors prevent germ spread. It runs on AC power or 4 AA alkaline batteries. Energy efficiency benefits businesses and homes. This motion sensor faucet's built-in microcomputer adjusts its optimal detecting zone to the bathroom's color and shape.

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