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Commercial Wall Mounted Faucets

Fontana commercial wall mounted faucets provide an excellent solution for maximizing space, particularly when it comes to preserving countertop space, nothing beats the convenience of a wall mount faucet. Our wall-mounted electronic faucets are available in options for both tempered and hot/cold water operation, offering flexibility during installation. These self-closing faucets play a significant role in conserving water, energy, and ultimately, saving money. They are especially well-suited for commercial use in public bathrooms, making them an ideal choice for applications in places like airports, malls, and hotels. The brass construction ensures the touchless faucets durability and longevity, making them a reliable and long-lasting addition to any bathroom. The use of infrared sensor technology provides a hygienic and hands-free experience, making these faucets an excellent choice for commercial applications, where cleanliness and convenience are paramount. With their efficient operation and stylish design, these touchless faucets redefine the bathroom experience, bringing innovation and improved hygiene to the forefront of commercial restroom spaces.

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Brio Wall Mount Commercial Sensor Faucet Black Finish Brio Wall Mount Commercial Sensor Faucet Black Finish

Retail Price: $924.47
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