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Chrome Wall Mount Sensor Faucets

Fontana chrome motion sensor faucets are easy to blend in any commercial restroom. If you are looking for a faucet that has all the latest features and takes advantage of technology as well FontanaSensorFaucets is the perfect place for you as you can get our chrome wall-mount sensor faucets. These faucets provide latest technology that is based on touchless sensor design. These work flawlessly. They have sensors that detect the movement around the tap and then water automatically flows and stops according to that movement. It has a lot of advantages. The best of all is that when you don't touch the faucet there is no transfer of germs or contamination therefore it is way more hygienic than your normal faucets.

Smart Bathrooms is best application to have in any public restroom, not only saves water but most important its' touchless operation minimize spread of germs, going hygienic with the assistance of its automatic high-end technology minimie contamination and cross contamination.

Also these are great for public areas as there is a lot of traffic that used them. The water flow is great as well as it does not require any strong pressure of water in fact the water delivery system is so smart that from minimum amount of water you can get a great flow from the faucet itself. To make it a durable and sturdy product the entire product has been made of solid brass that makes sure it holds up nicely with time. The chrome finish adds to the awesome working of this product via its great flashy looks that make it look modern. Also it is mounted with wall due to which it looks way cleaner that a normal deck mounted faucet. You will feel a definite upgrade and betterment in terms of quality once you've used it.

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