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Automatic Wall Faucet

Automatic wall faucets can be mounted ircetly on the wall slightly high above the sink. These are sleek and stylish pieces available in different type of coatings. In commercial zones these are become essential as these prevent from direct contact and there are no or little chances of spread in of disease. Moreover, these are water and energy saving pieces. Water does not remain flowing when there is no object beneath it. The high tech sensors detect the hand and start flow of water and continuous stop it when a person take out hand from sensor. The pieces are equipped with infrared source that senses the object.

The automatic wall faucets come in different design and finishing range. Fonta showers offer the premium quality automatic faucet at affordable prices. You can give your commercial bathroom a stupendous look by installing chrome, stainless steel or satin nickel faucets. These are durable, high in strength and does not get tarnished. There is no complain of wear and tear. Plus, once install there is no hassle of maintenance and cleanness. It is because high grade finis does not allow embedding of finger prints or water marks. One can easily remove waterdroplets with damp cloth and give back faucet a original shine.

Automatic wall faucets are easy to install also. They are placed in position with just one nut and a cell is required to make infrared functional. Mreve,r there are available led faucets also that emit light according to the temperature of water. For cold water, light color is blue while for ot it is red.

HighTech Automatic Wall Faucet