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Automatic Soap Dispenser Philippines

Automatic Soap Dispenser Philippines

The automatic soap dispenser in the Philippines has a different design and outlook with a great pattern. As compared to other soap dispensers, this product has infrared motion and specific technology for detection. The automated technology gives your a touch-free and consistent experience of washing hands. The power button with knob is for smooth ejection of soap from the dispenser. The liquid holding capacity of the refillable tank is just a few hundred milliliters. The auto-clean mode starts working automatically and shuts down after 30 seconds of no use.

Features and working:
PIR touchless latest infrared technology gives you consistency and a smooth experience of cleansing hands. The auto exit button makes the working according to the motion of hands. The construction material is heavy, corrosion-free, and durable, with a significant working ability for the years. The 4AA Alkaline batteries long last the lifespan of the dispenser. All the batteries are of tremendous power to reach international standards.

Watertight and leak-proof technology prevents the soap and liquid from trickling out from the dispenser. The installation process and implementation are easy and convenient to locate. Easily fittable into the kitchen sink and bathrooms. The leakage-free mechanism and hands-free function elude your hands from germs contamination.

The automatic soap dispenser has comprehensive aspects of applications. No longer need to touch the faucet; therefore, easily applicable in hotels, restaurants, and bathrooms. The US standards are the main key focus for the manufacturing considerations. I recommend this modern, chic soap dispenser.

Automatic Soap Dispenser Philippines