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Automatic Hand Washing Faucet

Automatic Hand Washing Faucet is a polished shiny chrome-plated faucet that is fashionable and modern. The lust surface gives it the permanent shine without losing refined outside. Rationalized patterns and stable manufacturing allow the faucet to work correctly without any problem. The automated sensors are the critical factor to avoid any fluid loss. The overall design is modern, fashionable, and according to current household requirements. The construction material is copper that is hard and compact in its build.

Features and Function:
The artificial intelligence sensor is added to the product to detect any motion of your hands. The auto shut-off system enables the faucet to auto-off after 30 seconds of no use. The sensor also saves the electricity to turn off the faucet when itís not in use. Itís easy to install and implement with the sink of the bathroom or kitchen. All types of liquids like soap, water, and lotion can be used in this faucet to smooth out the flow. Turning on and off is relatively easy. Just put your hands near to the tap; the detection sensor detects the presence of your hands.

Moreover, high-quality filters allow the impurities to settle downside the refillable tank of the faucet. Solenoid valve is also a significant effect on the operational control of the washing system while washing the hands. The touchless feature protects your family from the contamination of germs.

The automatic handwashing faucet is applicable in offices, homes, public places, restaurants, hotels, and other washing hands. Itís durable and easy to install with simple installation techniques. All the faucet products of this type meet US standards.

Automatic Hand Washing Faucet