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Automatic Faucets American Standard

Automatic faucets are high in demand by a large number of our customers. These faucets are available in different shapes and styles. Their appearance is sleek and streamlined, which makes them attractive and appealing. The size is so appropriate that it occupies less space and gives a standard to your restroom. It uplifts the look of your bathroom and makes it eye-catching for anyone. The solid strong material makes it ideal to use in a commercial area where it withstands high volume use. This promotes the long-term performance without any damage and interference. The surface is so brilliantly finished that it gives a glazing look to your bathroom. They have multi-dimensional features.

The sensor-based technology reduces the wastage of water. For this purpose they have an automatic control system that shuts off after a few seconds. The automatic shutoff system time frame is adjustable. The sensor-based technology detects the motion of the hand, with Al sensor chip, in a suitable zone of detection. This range of zone of detection is adjustable. The installations of faucets are on both the wall and deck mounted. They are designed in such a way that their use and installation are quite easy. These faucets are designed in such a way that their cleaning is easy. They have installed a system of both hot and cold water. The flow of water is appropriate for cleaning. These touch less faucets improve the hygiene of the restroom. The touch-less system prevents the cross-contamination and reduces the spreading of diseases.

HighTech Automatic Faucets American Standard