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Commercial Touchless Faucet Supplier

It is very hard to find products that go fit with US plumbing. People usually need help finding the perfect product for their restrooms, especially faucets. We have some amazing products to solve the problem for the US people. Here we are mentioning some commercial touchless faucet supplier that fits all US plumbing; if you want to learn more, keep reading this article.
1. Fontana Chicago Yellow Gold Commercial Automatic Sensor Touchless Faucet
This product, Chicago yellow old commercial automatic sensor, is by Fontana. The material used in this product is brass, and its installation type is deck mount. You can easily install it with a single hole. The product provides the perfect amount of water pressure, which is 1.6 mpa. The product is purposely designed for commercial and residential use. You can fit it in any restroom because it goes well with all US standard plumbing. The design of the product consists of a goldfish surface.
2. Fontana Commercial Gold Tone Finish Touchless Automatic Sensor Faucet
Fontana makes the touchless faucet for commercial restrooms. The product has a lot of amazing features, and the design of the product is incredibly awesome. The purpose of making this product is to provide a hygienic way of using a public faucet. The design is made of a ceramic plate spool; they have used gold color for the detailing of the product. The faucet has a touch-free operation and works using an alkaline battery.
3. Fontana Sierra Commercial High-Quality Touchless Automatic Sensor White Sink Faucet
Fontana makes the product. If we talk about the product's design, it has a very minimal and decent design. The deck, mount type faucet will add very minimal yet decent and graceful looks into your restrooms. The product is generated to be used in commercial places. You can use the product without any hygiene problems and worrying about water wastage. The faucet style is a single holder installed by a single hole.
Conclusion: To conclude the article, I hope you like this brief information about some commercial touchless faucet suppliers. An amazing company makes all the products, and they have worked hard on every detail of each product, including design, material, and looks.

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