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moen touchless kitchen sink faucets

Fontana touchless faucets offer long term reliable solution for any commercial restroom. The moen touchless kitchen sink faucets are all the hype these days. They are being replaced by the traditional sink faucets that we have in our kitchens. Commercially they are very famous because of their quality and functionality. The best and the biggest highlight about these products is the role of hygiene they play functionally. Unlike our traditional touchless faucets, these don’t require the person to touch them so avoiding direct contact with the sink itself enabling it to avoid any sorts of germs or bacteria that may be present on the person. Its biggest use is in commercial kitchens like that of restaurants that come in contact with many people all the time. To complement the amazing working of the faucet, the build quality is equally exceptional. The unit is entirely made of metal with a touch of ceramic. Only the valve is made of ceramic which is durable and rust free over long years of usage.

The rest of the faucet is completely built with solid brass which makes it very strong and a notable contender for a long-term use. The faucet also comes in different designs, finishes and colors which can be chosen according to your taste. The design is contemporary which fits in nicely and does not require any new plumbing as it is compatible with the already done units. The product embodies quality and functionality that without a doubt is next to none and you can experience it when you get it.