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Commercial touchless soap dispenser

Widest Selection of Commercial Style Touchless Automatic Soap Dispensers. FontanaSensorFaucets are making such type of commercial touch less liquid soap dispenser enhances the look of your restroom. Soap dispensers are of various shapes, sizes and style according to the demand of customers. They are used for both residential and commercial uses. The hard core structure made of brass makes its body ideal for commercial uses. Some soap sensor operates at the distance of 2.4-3.9 inches. The life of sensor of the commercial soap dispenser is long. The containers of soap dispenser are available with different soap capacity such as 800, 1500 ml or 1 gallon as well. The types of soap that we can use are foam soap and liquid mixed soap. The touch less automatic soap dispensers has auto control system to avoid the extra use of soap. In this way, we can say apart from providing better cleaning it also reduce the wastage of soap as well.

Commercial touch less Liquid Soap Dispenser has an elegant look and suitable sizes and styles to make your bathroom an eye-catching look. They are easily installed in the restaurants, offices, hospitals and public toilets. The surfaces of these soap dispensers are chrome finished make it resistant from rusting damage. The working of some touch less soap dispenser is on infra-red mode. It has excellent seal from inside for better performance and avoiding of spilling. In this way it makes your cleaning easy. It gives you contaminated free, outstanding hygiene and an upgraded restroom and better leading life style.