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Commercial sensor bathroom faucets

Great for high-traffic restrooms. Fontana Rio Commercial Goose Neck Brushed Nickel Touchless Automatic Sensor Bathroom Faucet is a well-designed product for commercial use. They add a decorative touch to your restroom. Automatic Sensor Bathroom Faucets increases the beauty of your restroom and makes the interior timeless. Automatic Sensor Faucets comes with many benefits. The modern design has made the use of touchless faucets significantly easy. Just place your hand underneath them, and the water will routinely run down. The biggest benefit of Automatic Sensor Bathroom Faucets is the noteworthy decrease water consumption, water only runs during the cleaning time. This feature makes it ideal for public facilities. They are built upon advance technology and functionality. It has in-built flash light indicator for power up, low battery and solenoid function.

These faucets are highly appropriate in handling, with regulating strainer. It helps in preventing masses from entering the solenoid valve. The strainer is very handy in cleaning. The most noteworthy feature of Sensor faucet is the adjustable sensing range. By default, it comes at 4” to 5” range for the sensor but you can set it at your required range. This factor eventually increases the life of the product. The battery life if 8,000 cycles per month, with the enough water pressure to perform the job smoothly. They come with the batteries with life of more than 5 years. This product is ideal for offices, restaurants, public restrooms, hospitals and public facilities. These are made with first-class material, to add a modern touch to your restroom. And Above all, they are available at a very cost-effective price range.