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Commercial handicap sink with soap dispenser

At FontanaSensorFaucets, reliable and appreciating fixtures are available. These products are matchless in their graceful and classy look. Fontana offers excellent pieces of equipment that give your bathrooms a very elegant and trendy look. Fontana provides the best commercial handicap sink with a soap dispenser. This is all one offer and indeed the best one. The handicap sink by Fontana is a wonderful fixture giving a luxurious experience. They look elegantly beautiful. With its perfect shape, strength, and material, it is durable also. It gives a wonderful washing experience. Helps to prevent splashing. Have a perfect oval shape and an eye-catching shiny smooth surface. They are available in different colors and you can choose according to your bathroom interior.

The sink has attractive faucets and soap dispensers as well. These fixtures provide it much support to use it with more convenience. The fixtures are available in different styles and finishes. They are available in gold, chrome, polished silver, and oil-rubbed bronze. The fixtures give an auto-response and ensure the prevention of germ spreading up too much extent. Prevents contamination of germs. Saves your time. Convenient to use.

Commercial areas like hotels, restaurants, office areas, hospitals, and other public places now prefer to move towards this technology. Being automatic it is hygienic to use in public places. It helps in the prevention of germs in crowded places. The fixtures mounted on the sink or deck have specific sensors. They are easy to install and use. The liquid in the soap dispenser can be monitored and re-filled again. Fit all the US standard plumbing.