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Commercial countertop soap dispenser

At Fontana Sensor Faucets you will find Best Rated, Best Value Luxury Design Touchless Restroom Faucets. A commercial counter top soap dispenser adds elegance, class and grace to the interiors of your restrooms and bathrooms. The eye-catching designs made of metal and with a brass finish are perfect for the advanced washrooms, commercial kitchens, offices and even for personal use. By fitting these elegant counter top soap dispensers you can save time and money as Fontana offers the best quality with a lot of benefits. The counter top soap dispensers have automatic sensors that sense the movement of hands and allows the user to have a specific amount of soap required for washing hands once.

This allows hygienic use of sanitary products as you do not have to touch the soap dispenser and still get the right amount of soap to wash hands and it saves the time too. Fontana offers the soap dispensers in gold and silver colors that appear to be classy and even with a soap dispenser the whole ambiance of the place is elevated where it is mounted. The soap dispenser is structured to give best performance and it does not easily wear out. The product life span is long and it does not require maintenance often. It is easy to take care of the soap dispenser as it does not have any built-in flaws. The power usage of the soap dispenser is low as we take care of the client. The soap dispenser fits all the U.S. plumbing systems. It is Fontana promise to deliver quality and we keep our promises.