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Commercial countertop automatic soap dispenser

During this era of Covid 19, having a high-quality and contemporary hand sanitizer or soap dispenser is no more than a blessing. It is the best way to overcome the spreading disease. Fontana offers the best high-quality commercial countertop automated soap dispensers. These soap dispensers are best to free up space. You can use these commercial automatic soap dispensers for washrooms, building entrances, office places, and corridors. The Fontana soap dispensers are hygienic and protect the transmission of germs. These automatic soap dispensers are of stainless steel material and available in different styles and designs. Fontana offers a wide variety of solid brass vandal-resistant touchless soap dispensers that provide a loving look to your washroom. Fontana always tries it with best to satisfy its customers with durable and high-quality products. So you can find contemporary and classical style soap dispensers for liquid soap and solid soap according to your taste. Fontana will not disappoint you in quality and functioning.

Commercial countertop automatic soap dispenser has an elegant silver appearance, solid brass construction & IP sensor that give it longevity. Standard chrome plated surface is free from nickel, cadmium, and toxic substances. It has sensor technology that makes it easy to use without leaving a spot on the surface with an easy refilling system. Their storage capacity ranges from 300ml to 1.5 L. they come with a lock system for security and key. Place high-quality soaps in them. With its best satisfactory performance, it facilitates the customer with a stylish lifestyle. It has US plumbing.