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commercial automatic faucet and soap dispenser

Strategies for Making Commercial Restrooms Pandemic-Proof; with Fontana automatic faucet and soap dispenser the go-to solution for any commercial bathroom. They go really well for today’s modern or contemporary styled bathroom looking elegant thus changing its aesthetics completely giving it a very decent appearance. The faucet and soap dispenser is made from very fine quality which is extremely important considering the rough usage a commercial bathroom go through, the faucet does not show any water spots, leave any scratches or cause any leakage to occur, the same is the case with the soap dispensers they both do not rust.

Along with this, they are highly durable and last for a long time. The soap dispenser, as well as the faucet, are both automatic which has been the go-to choice for commercial bathrooms. They are operated by sensors that detect hand motions to determine whether to provide the soap and water or not. If a person puts their hand forward the water or soap starts coming which immediately turning off as soon as it is removed or after a specific time frame. In manual soap dispensers, the problem of wastage often occurs due to excessive use or forgetting to turn the faucet off, automatic faucets and soap dispensers fix this problem. They also ensure a hygienic environment due to no hand touching the faucets or soap dispensers manually to get the water and soap thus preventing the spread of germs. Upgrade to Fontana automatic faucet and soap dispenser for a classy yet practical solution. Commercial-automatic-foam-soap-dispenser