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best touchless kitchen faucets 2018

Fontana showers is proud to resent another finest collection of their product. It comes in various styles and finishes that can perfectly match with all the types of interiors of the kitchen. Since it is a touchless faucet, the basic benefit it provides is safety from the germs that may develop when the product is touched. On the other hand, the similar feature makes the process of cleanliness extremely easy.

It also prevents the wastage of water when we soap, lather or dry our hands. A light indicator is flashed which shows the level of its power or low battery. It serves a solenoid function that can be maintained easily. A strainer is built that make sure no sundries are able to enter the valve of solenoid. The cleaning process of strainer is not difficult at all. The range of sensing can be adjusted which usually stays between 4” to 5”. 8000 cycles per month is the battery life of the product which stays for approximately 5 years. it can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes that may fit to all the plumbing techniques of standard US.

It usually follows the contemporary style. the water pressure stays between 0.05 MPA to 0.7 MPA. The finish is done in Chrome perfectly. Strong materials with high quality are used to construct the product which promise its long durability. there is no need for the batteries to operate it. It can be installed easily when the steps are followed properly through the instruction manual.