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Touchless Bathroom Automatic Soap Dispenser & Sink Faucets

Designing touchless cleaner facility restrooms. Promote Proper Sanitation. Keeping in mind all the major problems these days touchless faucets and soap dispensers are the most significant things that are to be found in a public or a commercial space. Touchless bathroom automatic soap dispenser and sink faucets can be purchased from FontanaSensorFaucets in the best possible quality for commercial use. For a product to be used commercially, it must be very strongly built and have a long usage tenure. This is exactly what we deliver. The core construction of our touchless faucets and soap dispensers is solid brass. Brass is a very strong metal and ideal for commercially used bathroom accessories. This provides a strong rugged look and a long life to the products.

There are also many different colors and finishes available in these Touchless features products. These include colors like gold, silver and bronze etc. And finishes like metallic, rubbed bronze and matte etc. You can choose the one which fits in perfectly with your bathroom. The faucets and soap dispensers both come with all their fittings included and work with all standard plumbing that is done both commercially and in homes as well, so installing them won’t be a problem. Moreover, they are touchless and are best for commercial use because of the many people touching the commercial faucets and infecting with various germs. So, no touches hence no infections and contaminations and similar is the case with the soap dispenser. You will definitely be satisfied with these touchless bathroom soap dispensers and sink faucets wherever you get them installed.