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Touchless Soap Dispenser

Automatic bathroom accessories are among the best in the class regarding hygiene, whether it comes to faucets, soap dispensers, or shower systems. These products are made of excellent quality material that ensures that the consumer is delighted. Moreover, it makes your life easy because these automatic dispensers are easy to clean and maintain. The elegant and contemporary designs of automatic faucets, soap dispensers, etc., make sure that they add a whole new level of ambiance and technology to your bathroom. Also, this dispenser pours a fixed soap quantity every time and reduces soap wastage. Touchless soap dispensers are generally made for commercial usage, but they work absolutely everywhere. These dispensers complement the touchless faucets to ensure complete touchless hygienic wash with zero chances of contamination. The way they work is very similar to the automatic taps, as you just have to move your hand below the soap dispenser. The sensor will pick up the movement and release the liquid soap in a fixed quantity. Following are a few of the products that are available in the lineup of touchless soap dispensers:

1. Fontana Milan Commercial Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser

The Fontana Milan touchless soap dispenser has a unique rounded neck design that looks perfect with all the modern themed bathrooms. The sensor is very accurate as well. It has an infrared sensor compared to the standard sensors. This sensor takes minimum power to work and is very precise.

2. Milan Touchless Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser

As the name indicates, this Milan touchless soap dispenser is different from others as it is wall mounted. The most significant advantage of wall-mounted soap dispensers is that they save a lot of space on the actual sink. Moreover, it is constructed using Brass, strong metal, and won't degrade over time. It also has a unique finish and design that makes it very attractive and sleek.

3. Fontana Commercial Deck Mounted Automatic Soap Dispenser

The highlighting feature of this specific touchless soap dispenser is its design, and it comes with one of the trendiest and most graceful-looking designs. It is very suitable for hotels and bathrooms where they want to make a statement. The build quality is perfect, and the seals are so strong that there is no chance of leakage.

There are so many automatic soap dispensers as you can get them as wall-mounted or deck mounted. You can choose its color according to the aesthetics of the place. Moreover, you can select between a DC dispenser or the one with a battery.

Touchless Soap Dispensers vs. Ordinary Soap Dispensers

The Touchless soap dispensers are a class above other products. The build quality is top-notch. They are built using solid Brass material, solid metal that makes sure the build is superb and holds over long periods of commercial usage. The thing that makes them superior to ordinary soap dispensers is the best hygiene. In commercial areas, hundreds of people use it to wash hands; these automatic dispensers ensure touchless operation and guarantee additional hygiene. Another main factor that differentiates automatic soap dispensers from others is the functionality. The sensors on such soap dispensers are brilliant. They are exact; when you move your hand under the dispenser, it will immediately release the soap and immediately stop it when you move your hand away. The designs are also a plus point. Automatic soap dispensers come with trendy and elegant designs that perfectly fit any bathroom, whether at a hotel, restaurant, or somewhere else.

Benefits of Touchless Soap Dispensers

Following are some of the benefits of touchless soap dispensers:

  • These automatic dispensers use an infrared sensor to be extremely precise and provide an exact number of washes according to poured liquid. Consequently, it also helps in saving a lot of liquid soap.
  • Hygiene is one of the most important things when it comes to touchless soap dispensers. These are primarily focused on commercial use. So, when many people constantly use ordinary dispensers, there is a chance of contamination. However, there is no touch, no contamination, and better hygiene in this case.
  • They come in many different designs and finishes that are beautiful and perfectly fit every bathroom.

The products mentioned above are primarily focused on commercial usage. But along with that, if you have the budget for them, they will fit perfectly in your office bathrooms. The contemporary and beautiful designs will make your bathroom more aesthetic. In conclusion, automatic soap dispensers are worth the money. They are not only built tremendously, but the sensors and overall designs everything is commendable. They are perfect for all commercial spaces, including restaurants’ kitchens, hotel bathrooms, and public bathrooms. They are even a great fit for any place as their design is contemporary, and many choices from designs and colors make them a great choice. They are generally expensive, but the quality and designs are entirely worth the price tag.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are touchless soap dispensers better than normal ones?
There is no touching the dispenser; therefore, it doesn’t contaminate the surface, and there is a lesser risk of germs passing on to you.

Why should I buy a touchless soap dispenser instead of others?
These touchless soap dispensers are way superior quality to other regular dispensers and guarantee long-term working without any flaws. Also, advanced features make your life hygienic and easy.

Are there different types available in touchless soap dispensers?
Many different designs and finishes are available in touchless soap dispensers like wall-mounted and deck mounted. They also come in different colors and have a contemporary design that perfectly fits your bathroom.

Can I use any type of liquid soap with these touchless soap dispensers?
Yes, there is no limitation on any sort of liquid soap. You can use any type of soap available to you.

Are the touchless faucets easy to fit with standard using plumbing?
Yes, they are made on standard UD plumbing; therefore, you will have no problem fitting them with your plumbing whatsoever.