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Restaurants Touchless Soap Dispenser Pros and Cons

Commercial restoom soap dispenser is a must for every restaurants. Touchless soap dispenser, also known as the automatic soap dispenser is an advancement in the technology. It serves the function to spread cleanliness and hygiene. These Electric Soap Dispenser/ automatic soap dispensers are mainly used in restaurants, expensive hotels, or even schools to maintain hygiene. People can effectively utilize these touchless soap dispensers to sanitize or for cleaning their hands. The reason it is becoming more and more popular today is because it diminishes the spread of germs. Various people when use regular soaps in public washrooms, they can leave their germs on it. Which ultimately leads to the spread of germs. Therefore, this innovative no touch soap dispenser is replacing other soaps, even pumps as it can also transfer germs and bacteria. In today's era with the advancement in technology, these automatic soap dispensers have become a must in expensive places. In these type of soap dispensers, the amount of soap is very less utilized and there is no danger of infection or diseases. Public bathroom faucet handle can house up to 6,267 bacteria per square inch.
These no touch soap dispensers are best for commercial use. It can be installed in guest rooms, restaurants, offices, organizations etc.

Types of Automatic Soap Dispensers:

Manual surface mounted soap dispensers

These soap dispensers are attached directly to a wall. It usually contains a button on its surface which helps users to get the product. Most of the times, these soap dispensers are placed above the sink. These are not battery operated, thus named manual dispensers.

Sensor Operated Soap Dispenser

This type of dispenser is what basically a no touch soap dispenser means. It does not require a human touch or it does not have to be manually operated. It consists of a sensor. Whenever this sensor senses a motion, it releases the product. Users can always refill this dispenser. It lasts longer than the normal soaps.

Features of touchless soap dispensers:

Touch free soap dispensers

These dispensers comes with touchless innovative technology. People benefitting from these dispensers do not need to put any effort. Rather, they will just get exposure to the soap without making an effort.

Adjustable volume setting

These soap dispensers allow adjustable volume settings, in which people can set the volume of the soap according to their preferences. This allows the soap to last longer and reduce wastage of product.

Long lasting soaps

The soap you put into these touchless dispensers lasts longer than a regular soap.
1. Fontana Commercial Deck Mount Automatic Intelligent Touchless Soap Dispenser

This soap dispenser maintains hygiene and a healthy environment. Moreover, these are specifically designed for commercial purposes. As commercial sectors have to maintain a class and a standard, they are often required to install these innovative things to attract and retain consumers.

2. Fontana Lima Commercial Electronic Sensor Automatic Touchless Commercial Soap Dispenser

It is used for commercial purposes. It is a foam soap dispenser with an attractive appearance.

3. Fontana Denver Commercial Touchless Automatic Sensor Liquid Soap Dispenser

This touchless soap dispenser comes with an attractive appearance. It is chrome plated. It is for commercial purposes.

Benefits of Touchless Soap Dispensers:

Promotes Health and Hygiene
It promotes health, especially if installed in hospitals it can stop the transfer of germs or bacteria. A regular soap contains germs of all people who used it, and transfers those germs to the next person who would be using it.

Avoids Transmitting Infections and Diseases
Because they are automatic and no touch soap, therefore, they do not require being touched. This saves it from having any unnecessary germs or bacteria. This can help prevent people from transmitting germs, or causing illness.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle at commercial areas
It also helps in maintaining a healthy, hygienic, and a luxurious lifestyle at the commercial areas such as restaurants, shopping malls etc.

Where can these soap dispensers be installed?
These automatic soap dispensers are designed to be operated and installed for commercial purposes in commercial areas. They can be installed in restaurants, rest rooms, shopping malls, hospitals, or at office areas. It promotes hygiene and a safe environment. It avoids transfer of germs from people to people.

Durability & Ease of use
These soap dispensers are very durable and easy to use. You can put any soap of your choice into the dispenser. You do not have to touch to use it. You can set the volume accordingly.

Fontana are considered best hand soap dispensers because they have better qualities that make them easy and convenient to use, as well as durable and long-lasting. Here are some of Fontana touchless faucets qualities that make them the best hand soap dispensers in the market:

Our high-quality hand soap dispenser are made from durable materials, such as stainless steel, that can withstand frequent use and wear and tear in high traffic public bathrooms.

Easy to use
The dispenser should be easy to use, with a simple and intuitive mechanism for dispensing soap. It should also be easy to refill and clean. Consistent dispensing: The best hand soap dispensers provide a consistent amount of soap with each pump or activation, ensuring that users get the right amount of soap every time. Hygienic: A hygienic hand soap dispenser should have a design that minimizes the risk of contamination, with a non-drip spout and an easy-to-clean surface. Compatibility: The best hand soap dispensers are compatible with a wide range of hand soaps, including both liquid and foaming soaps. Stylish design: The dispenser should have a stylish and attractive design that complements the overall look and feel of the bathroom or kitchen. Affordable: The best hand soap dispensers offer great value for money, with a reasonable price point and low ongoing maintenance costs. By incorporating these qualities, the best hand soap dispensers can provide a convenient, hygienic, and stylish way to access hand soap, while also being durable and long-lasting.