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Restaurant Touchless Bathroom Faucets

Want to ensure a clean and germ-free bathroom experience for your restaurant patrons? Look no further than our restaurant touchless bathroom faucets! With touchless technology, you can eliminate the need for physical contact with taps. Additionally, easy installation and low maintenance requirements make them the perfect choice for busy restaurant owners and managers.

Fontana Verona Cold & Hot Chrome Finish Touchless Bathroom Faucet : This faucet is a high-quality, stylish, and convenient addition to any modern bathroom. It comes with advanced touchless sensor technology that automatically turns the water on and off, providing a hygienic and efficient way to use the faucet. The faucet's chrome finish gives it a sleek, modern look that complements any bathroom decor.

Fontana Rio Commercial Goose Neck Faucets Bathroom: The Fontana Rio Commercial Goose Neck Faucet features high-quality construction that ensures durability and longevity, even in high-traffic settings. The faucet's gooseneck design provides ample clearance for hand washing, while the easy-to-use handle makes it easy to control the flow and temperature of the water.

Fontana Rio Commercial Touchless Automatic Sensor Faucets Bathroom: The faucet's sleek design and chrome finish gives it a modern, professional look that complements any commercial bathroom. It is also easy to install and is highly efficient, reducing water waste and promoting sustainability. The touchless sensor technology ensures that water is only used when needed. Say goodbye to traditional taps and upgrade your restaurant's hygiene game with our restaurant touchless bathroom faucets!