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No Touch Faucet

We are passing through pandemic situations and our little care can save us and others from the biggest loss. In this condition, no touch or touchless faucets are the best hygienic products that are playing a very important role in controlling the spread of germs and bacteria. Fontanasensorfaucets is offering the best no-touch faucets that are best in functionality and quality also. The not-touch faucet comes with infrared sensor technology that decry the presence of a hand or anything under it and then activates the water flow. It automatically turns off if there is nothing under the spout for lonthe g time. Along with this excellent feature, it also comes with a lot of other unique features such as water flow control, temperature control and adjusts the time for water flow. The product is the best one to give a classic and contemporary look to the bathrooms and kitchens. The brand allows the user to choose the faucet of different styles, colors, finishes, and designs. Most of these touchless faucets have a 3-in-1 feature that provides water, soap, and air-touch-free from one source. You can choose the faucet of different quality materials with nickel, chrome, gold, and other finishes. It gives an elegant and eye-catchy look whether it is deck mounted or wall mounted. It is the best product for use in houses and for commercial places such as hotels, public bathrooms, sinks, and hospitals. You can easily install them. They are operated by AC 220V or DC 6V and alkaline batteries.

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