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Matte Black Soap Dispenser

The presence of Soap dispensers is essential in the elegant designs of every smart bathroom. They are the best solution for maintaining the hygiene of the restroom. The Fontana sensor faucets have lots of variety in their soap dispensers for structure and function. Among all, the matte black soap dispensers are more in demand because of their trendy designs and attractive colors. Based on their specifications and design, here are some types of matte black dispensers.

Types of Matte Black Soap Dispenser

The Matte black soap dispensers are automatic in working, and they are available in different sizes and styles. A soap dispenser in matte black color gives a glamorous and attractive look to the bathroom. Fontana sensor faucets offer a variety of soap dispensers in colors, styles, sizes, and specifications. Here are some of the products:

1. Fontana Venice Matte Black Soap Dispenser

The Fontana Venice matte black soap dispensers have an elegant design with horizontal lines. It has solid brass in its structure, which makes them sturdy. Their installation method is deck mounted, and their simple exposed design makes the fitting easy in every type of bathroom. These soap dispensers have the capacity of 1500ML, which prevents the users from frequent filling. This soap dispenser works in power supplies, batteries, and DC/AC.

2. Long Neck Infrared Matte Black Soap Dispenser

Another category of the soap dispenser in Matte black is an infra-red soap dispenser with a long neck structure. It is made of the highest quality solid brass material that provides long-term performance and uplifts the appeal of the bathroom decor.
The automatic soap dispenser has an adjustable sensor range feature, which helps users set it according to its ease. The activation time is less than one second, which reduces the waste of soap, time, and water.

3. Automatic Foam and Mixed Liquid Matte Black Soap Dispenser

Fontana matte black automatic liquid foam soap dispensers are another type that provides their users with excellent uninterrupted working. This soap dispenser can allow its users to use either foam or mixed liquid soap. The infra-red sensor technology in this soap dispenser detects the motion of the hand at the adjustable sensor range, which feels the hands at your set length. The capacity of soap is limited to 1500ml, and the sensor's life is 300,000 on/off. Matte soap dispensers have different specifications depending on their cost, size, and shape. The soap capacity of Fontana Linux commercial dispensers is more than the other two. It is a battery-operated soap dispenser compared to infra-red and automatic liquid foam dispensers. The oil rubbed bronze is limited to the use of foam soap compared to the other two mentioned soap dispensers. The soap dispensers in matte black are ideal for commercial areas such as public toilets, shopping malls, hospitals, etc. The reason is that they are easy to use and clean and made of solid material. They are long-lasting in their work despite being used frequently. The simplicity in their design makes their cleaning easy. Such touchless soap dispensers are ideal for commercial use as they prevent the spreading of germs.