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Hotel Spa Shower Heads

Hotel bathroom design contributes immensely to creating a cohesive image and experience for the patron, while hotel bathroom design embrace minimalism in the design elements. The showerhead is the part of the shower that sprays water. It is a perforated nozzle distributing water over the base of the shower. This spay can be manipulated and changed; many have massage, gentle spray, strong spray and intermittent pulse. An upgrade to this part of a bathroom can be a positive change in any hotel guest bathroom. If you are planning to upgrade the showers in your plaza, gym or hotel, a change of the showerheads will be the most noticeable and wise investment.

Types of shower heads
There are many types of shower heads for you to choose from. Let's look at some of the common types.

  1. Single spray showerhead
  2. For many centuries, the single spray shower head as been the most popular commercial choice. As the name suggests, these showerheads give a single spray of water. This is known to give a very relaxing and soothing experience.

  3. Rain shower head
  4. This shower head is mounted on the ceiling while the taps and other buttons are on the adjacent wall. These showerheads give a sense of luxury and are commonly used in high-standard hotels and rest-houses.

  5. Hand-held shower head
  6. These showerheads can be removed from the mount to be used on specific areas during the bath. The showerhead can be held in the hand.

  7. Ceiling-mount LED shower head
  8. In this case, the showerhead is mounted into the ceiling and not on it as in the case of Rain shower heads. This enables it to spread water evenly and equally on the floor and it thereby provides a wonderfully relaxing experience.

Some such shower heads of different types available in the market are given below.
1. 10" Chrome Finish Solid Brass Square Led Shower Head

2. 24" LED Ceiling Shower Rain Head Set With Shower Body Jets

The shower heads is a nozzle that is perforated with pores from which water is released. The pores can get clogged over time but there are remedies for the problem. This can have various other features like LED lighting.

The tap is usually located at the wall adjacent to the ceiling. The tap controls water flow, type of flow and usually the temperatures as well.

sensor features
Some showerheads also have sensor features which humidify the shower area by releasing sensor. This can give the experience of a luxurious sensor bath.

Touch-clean shower head feature:
Clogging of pores in the showerhead is one problem that is very difficult to overcome, unless the shower has touch-clean feature. These showerheads have soft rubber nubs that make cleaning of lime and calcium much easier.
Benefits of showerheads:

  1. They give a wonderful shower experience
  2. Showerheads spray water evenly and equally over the base and allow you to take the perfect shower.

  3. Handheld shower heads reduce water wastage
  4. With a hand-held showerhead you can direct the flow of water to wherever it is required. Unlike with a fixed showerhead, the hand-held showerhead can focus the flow of water. This means that water will not be unnecessarily be wasted.

  5. The showerhead design can give your shower glamor and style
  6. The style of the shower head is a part of the décor of the bathroom. With a stylish showerhead, a rain showerhead with LED lights for example, you can give the restaurant bathroom style and make it look classy.

  7. Shower heads have a good coverage span
  8. A big coverage span makes showering experience easier. You do not have to adjust your position to direct flow to some parts of your body.

Where these can be installed
These showerheads, for their innumerable benefits, are ideal for use in commercial places like in restaurant bathrooms, in the gym showers, in plazas etc. here, the showerhead style and type can be changed to contribute to the overall look of the bathroom.
3. Royal Chrome Square Rain Shower Head System With 6 body massage shower jets

Durability and ease of use
Showerheads make the experience of shower much more relaxing and easier as compared to other regular showers. With maintenance features like the touch-clean feature, these can be easily cleaned and repaired. Durability and ease of use are thus the key benefits of such showerheads.

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