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Foot Pedal Commercial Sensor Faucet

Pedal Faucet Controllers provide excellent benefits on sinks throughout hospitals and medical facilities. In surgery,nurses stations, examining rooms, ER, intensive care, labs, medical offices, kitchens etc. Pedal Touchless Faucets provides benefits that please everyone. To combat the spread of infection and to protect employee health, hands free faucet control is easily added to new and existing sinks. Utility savings quickly pays for the improvement and lowers hospital operating costs forever. When compared to conventional faucet operation, a 75% savings on utility consumption occurs. As opposed to having the water on during the entire hand wash, employees will step on the pedal to wet their hands, and step off while lathering with soap. And, no more faucets are left running or dripping. Water sewage and energy savings can add up to more than $300 per year on sinks used only for hand washing. On sinks used for work, as in labs, and in the kitchen, savings will be in the $1000 to $2000 per year range. Simple installation, and the heavy duty, all mechanical operation provides a device that engineering can quickly install and forget about. Hospital engineering depts, who are using this new technology, consider it to be far superior to electronic faucets that are prone to erratic performance, and frequent maintenance needs. Residential Home "Thanks for developing such an excellent product. It's the kind of product hospitals and medical facilities have been needing for a long time. A simple to use, easy to install, heavy duty, hands free system that can be used on every sink. commercial sensor faucet at Bath Select meets the ADA requirements. Many options are available for attractive and user-friendly. Lever controls are also easy to operate with one hand.

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