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Cotto Automatic Faucet

Cotto Automatic Faucet, from FontanaSensorFaucets, automatically pours out water. There are many styles and finishes to choose from. A wide variety of colors is also available to match the bathroom interior. Unlike touch-based systems, they can only work when you are nearby, which makes them a great fit for commercial spaces. They give a very decent appearance to commercial areas. Because it has an auto-response technology, it helps in minimizing germ exposure. As well as preventing bacteria from being contaminated. By installing a Cotto Automatic Faucet supplied by FauntanaSensorFaucets, the spread of germs at crowded places such as hotels, restaurants, offices, airports, etc. can be minimized.

The ultimate benefit of these devices is preventing water waste and splashing. The water will only flow when it detects your body, so when you move your hand away, it will automatically shut off. By doing so, the water will be preserved and the seamless flow will prevent water splashes. Brass, bronze, gold, and black are available among various other finishes, as well as oil-rubbed bronze, polished silver, and chrome. The commercial areas show off their classy and elegant appearance. Your domestic needs will be met with elegance by using them.

Featuring infrared sensing technology, these units are automatic. These faucets are equipped with infrared chips, which allow the human body to be monitored and dispense water elegantly. Using multi-voltage batteries, the faucet is water-resistant. There are several types of Cotto Automatic Faucets. Mounted on a wall or on a deck, they are energy efficient. The water pours like a waterfall in some faucets, which is attractive.

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Cotto Automatic Faucet