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Commercial Soap Dispenser Wall Mount

The soap dispensers for commercial purposes are available in different types such as finish, looks, designs, etc. But you can also select the type of installation, whether wall-mounted or deck-mounted. Commercially soap dispensers are better installed on walls because of their liquid pumping operation. So, let's talk about some commercial soap dispenser wall mount in detail to get more information.
1. Fontana Riviera commercial wall mount soap dispenser
This soap dispenser works out outstanding in public restrooms with their capability of performing in even high traffic consumption. Its matte black finish makes it modern, among others, for installation at commercial places. You can easily install it with its wall mounting option and multi-voltage ability.
2. Fontana Contemporary commercial wall mount soap dispenser
This one is available in different finishing styles according to the different interiors of public restrooms. Its 100% touch-free operation makes it the best option for hygienic concerns and minimizing the risk of germs spreading among people. It has built-in AI Infrared chips that detect hands motion with customizable settings.
3. Fontana Chrome wall mount soap dispenser
The soap dispenser comes up with a touchless motion sensor whose sensing range works perfectly in every situation. It is ideal to be used in public restrooms if you want a wall-mount design. It can easily fit in every commercial place with US Standard plumbing system. It uses alkaline batteries, which offer durability.
Conclusion: The commercial soap dispenser wall mount option offers a lot of variety to select the one according to public restroom interior design.


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