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Commercial Motion Sensor Faucets & Automatic Soap Dispenser

Faucets and soap dispensers are a necessary component in any bathroom, be it commercial or domestic. The current times demand modern technology and traditional faucets and soap dispensers have been replaced with touchless bathroom fixtures. If you are in search of a part of a touchless faucet and soap dispenser, FontanaSensorFaucets is just the platform you need to visit. Over here you can find a diverse range of products, in a wide variety of finishes and styles. Its latest collection of commercial motion sensor faucets & automatic soap dispensers has a variety of contemporary products.

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The faucets and dispensers in this collection have products finished with oil-rubbed bronze and chrome. Both of these finishes make for a very elegant and aesthetic appeal. The pair of a touchless faucet and soap dispenser will be the perfect modern addition to any bathroom. The touchless technology allows for convenience-of-use. These faucets and dispensers use dual motion sensor technology with infrared Al Smart-chip. The solid brass construction of these bathroom fixtures gives them durability, unlike any other product. These products are perfect for use in both commercial as well as domestic settings because of their modern style, elegant finish, and durability.

Touchless technology in any bathroom fixture promises a hygiene-friendly environment for its users. Additionally, with no manual control over the water flow or soap dispensing, there will be minimum wastage. The chrome and oil-rubbed bronze finish are both renowned for their aesthetic appeal and are bound to improve the elegance of any bathroom.

For a clean hygienic Restroom browse our large selections of motion sensor soap dispensers and see the different finishes and functions. They all come in stainless steel with the following main finishes: chrome finish, bronze, brushed nickel, and gold finish