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Commercial Motion Sensor Faucets & Automatic Soap Dispenser

Fontana offers commercial motion sensor faucet and automatic soap dispenser sets, an ideal blend for public restrooms in malls, restaurants, office buildings, and other high-traffic areas. Our unique matching sets provide a seamless, modern touch while enhancing hygiene and user convenience. The touchless technology minimizes the spread of germs by eliminating manual operation, perfect for environments where cleanliness is crucial. Designed for durability and efficiency, our touchless sets reduce water and soap wastage through controlled dispensing. Easy to install and maintain, these coordinated fixtures contribute to a sophisticated and sanitary restroom experience, reflecting an establishment's commitment to quality and public health.

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The finishes offer an elegant appeal, making the pair of a touchless faucet and soap dispenser a perfect modern addition to any restroom or bathroom. The touchless technology ensures convenience and ease of use, employing dual motion sensor technology with an infrared AI smart chip. The solid brass construction of these fixtures provides durability, ideal for commercial and high-traffic settings. Fontana touchless products are chosen by leading architectural firms and designers for their modern style, elegant finishes, and long-lasting durability.

Touchless technology in any bathroom fixture promises a hygiene-friendly environment for its users. Additionally, with no manual control over the water flow or soap dispensing, there will be minimum wastage. The chrome and oil-rubbed bronze finish are both renowned for their aesthetic appeal and are bound to improve the elegance of any bathroom.

For a clean and hygienic restroom, explore our extensive selection of motion sensor faucets and soap dispensers, available in various finishes and functions. All models are crafted from stainless steel and offered in many finishes including the chrome, bronze, brushed nickel, black, and gold finishes.