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High Tech Best Commercial High Traffic Electronic Faucets for Office Buildings, Hospitals, Public facilities, Restaurants.

With sensor technology Commercial Automatic motion sensor faucets and Auto Soap Dispensers for Office Buildings, Hospitals, Public facilities, Restaurants. The Cleaner Restrooms

You probably noticed the majority of high traffic restrooms be it in Malls, Restaurants or any other public place are increasingly utilizing the commercial Electronic faucets also called infrared faucet technology. In such high traffic public places as Restaurants, airports, office buliding restrooms they are becoming an important consideration for issues related to transferring germs, studies have shown many are only visited strictly out of necessity. Indeed, the washroom has garnered a reputation for being an unclean location. For example the influenza virus is frequently found on restroom surfaces. it is easy to imagine the hundreds of restroom users that can be infected by touching a contaminated faucet to turn off the water after washing. As such, one of the best solutions for minimizing harmful germs and bacteria is the hands-free faucet. Facility managers often also appreciate these devices, because keeping user's hands off knobs and handles can help prevent wear-and-tear and vandalism
According to Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) it requires all public accommodations constructed after 1990 be accessible to disabled citizens. In addition to barrier-free access to the building itself, fixtures such as Infrared faucets must also be accessible. Further, operation of the faucet must not require tight pinching, grasping or twisting of the wrist. The force to activate the faucet must be 5 lbs. or less. Hand-operated faucets must remain open for at least 10 seconds. Lever Operated: sensor faucet commercial Lever operated controls are ADA compliant if they meet the 5 lb. or less force requirement.

Commercial Electronic Faucets

At BathSelect those Infrared-controlled and capacitive-sensor controlled faucets are the most universal, offering user’s touch-free, easy activation. In general the ADA Accessibility Guidelines means Faucets need to be lever, push-type, or electronically controlled operating mechanisms. In the event that a faucet is self-closing, such as a metering faucet, the faucet must remain open and running for at least 10 seconds. BathSelect commercial restroom infrared faucets are durable and designed for heavy use. The commercial Electronic faucet at Bath Select meets the commercial hands free motion sensor faucets meets the ADA requirements. Many options are available for attractive and user-friendly. Lever controls are also easy to operate with one hand.

Avoid Bad Quality Commercial High Tech Infrared Faucets

Electronic faucets are a great idea, however buying low quality sensor faucets can be costly in the long run. Bad quality or faulty sensor faucets might not function effectively for example they are may not be sensitive enough, so users end up waving their hands numerous times before activating the water flow. Sensor faucets may have faulty design (or in few cases choosing the wrong sensor faucets style) the neck of the faucet is too close to the basin, causing the user to touch the grimy basin itself; or simply the neck is too high, causing water to splash unnecessarily out of the basin and onto the user’s.

Advantages of Motion Sensor Faucets

Push-Type: ADA compliant push-type faucets are economical because they allow water to run for a limited amount of time. Because it may take more time and effort for a disabled person to wash, however, push-type faucets may be inconvenient. Electronically Controlled: Infrared-controlled or capacitive-sensor faucets are ADA compliant, easy to use and especially sanitary for all users. Those motion detection sensors are innovative, durable and stylish and designed to operate in the toughest commercial applications. They are energy efficient and reduce the chance of flooding. Hand Washing sensor bath filler taps are also available in tempered or hot/cold water operation, see our line at Bath Select for commercial sensor faucets.

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