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Commercial Automatic Bathroom Faucets

Automatic bathroom faucets are the best and perfect faucets for sanitary purposes in the bathroom as you don’t need to touch them for water flow. These automatic faucets have infrared sensors that manage the flow of water. In this pandemic situation, these faucets are just a blessing. They have advanced technology and come with stylish and unique features. It impresses the customers with its smooth polishing surface and strong durability. The functionality of these faucets is great. It allows the user to adjust the flow of water and also adjust the time of flow. Moreover, some of the faucets have a temperature control ceramic valve. These are considered the ideal ones if you want to upgrade your bathrooms. They are durable and made up of rust-resistant materials such as metal, solid brass, and stainless steel. These faucets have a variety of styles and finishes that allow the customer to choose the one according to its home décor. These are the best way to save electricity as they are powered by 4 alkaline batteries. Only some are powered by AC 220v or DV 6v. The flashlight indicator is also functional for the solenoid, low battery, and power up. You can adjust the sensing range, water flow, and time of water flow as well. These are ideal for commercial use such as for public restrooms, hospitals, and all other commercial places. They come with an easy installation process and all accessories required for installation.

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