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Black Sensor Faucet

Black sensor faucet is one of the great products of Fontana sensor Faucets that ensures a 100% healthy lifestyle with the touchless operating system. The black finish of the faucet gives a contemporary look to the bathrooms and kitchen. It enhances the beauty of the place and gives an elegant lifestyle. Moreover, it is one of the best choices to choose the Fontana products due to high-quality material that makes them durable, rust-free, and germ resistant and ensures the healthy lifestyle of its customers.

The material protects it from bleaching and dripping and gives it thermos stability. It facilitates the customers with a distinctive look and comes in a variety of styles and has a modern appearance. It is operated by infrared technology that immediately detects the presence of a hand under it, and the spout delivers constant water flow. Along with the touchless system, there is also another touchless system in which you have to pull the head down that automatically ejects the water and shuts off it when the head comes to its original position.

You can control the water temperature, and the nozzle can rotate at an angle of 360 degrees that helps a lot in cleaning purposes. You can set for different functioning, including stream, spray and pause. This faucet comes with a 100% refund guarantee. It is the ideal choice for restrooms, bathrooms, hospitals, and all residential areas. It is powered by AAA batteries and AC/DC power system. You can easily install it in less than 20 minutes.

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