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Best Touchless Faucets for Commercial Public Restrooms

Touchless faucets are a new addition to the commercial world, becoming the new luxury accessory - you won't ever need to touch the faucet handle ever again. Fontana Showers offers the best collection of touchless faucets for commercial restrooms. Being a practical and convenient option, touchless faucets are safe because they don't need to be touched, reducing the spread of germs. At FontanaSensorFaucets, you will find the most stylish collection of touchless faucets in a single place. Our luxury touchless faucets available for commercial use support unique features that make them a perfect choice for commercial use. Our commercial sensor faucets have two installation designs; wall-mount and deck-mount. With the amazing technology supported, and its durable design, these touchless faucets deliver superior performance for a long time. Operating with AC/DC power supply and a smart AI chip technology, these touchless faucets are perfect for commercial use as they support 100% touch-free operation. If you are selective about your faucet finish, we have a great variety available, including brushed nickel, brushed gold, and chrome. We offer you the best collection of touchless faucets, and our diverse collection covers all features, finishes, styles, and designs. The AI smart chip and sensitive sensors make these faucets the best for precise operation without any glitches, reducing the spread of germs. For commercial places, this is a must because of high traffic. If you need a touchless faucet for commercial use, don't worry, we've got you covered.