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Best Commercial Touchless Faucets

FontanaSensorFaucets is the best and most well-known brand for providing unique and stylish touchless faucets for all types of commercial use. Our main goal is to provide the customers with a great product that ensures a hygienic environment and prevents the spread of germs and diseases.  These faucets are operated with high-end automatic technology that saves water from wastage and allows users to wash their hands safely. They are made up of different high-quality material such as metal, chrome, and stainless steel that is durable and long-lasting. The infrared technology readily detects the presence of the hand under it and immediately performs its function. These faucets are available in deck-mounted and wall-mounted styles and finishes, including nickel, chrome, black matte, and gold. These finishes give an elegant look to the place of attachments. Certain faucets come with soap dispensers also to ensure 100% hygiene. They have a high durability rate and are designed specifically to meet high-end requirements. They are perfect for commercial use in laboratories, public bathrooms, hotels, restrooms, hospitals, and schools. The microcomputer controller fit is ideal for controlling the temperature and flow of the water. You can easily control the pressure and flow of water. Our touchless faucets come with a 5- years warranty and run longer than any other quality brand. Their design gives a contemporary look to the decorations of the public bathrooms. You can easily maintain touchless faucets. They have an easy installation process and come with all essential accessories. They are the perfect choice for public shower rooms and spa rooms. So it's time to pick the right option for your place.