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Automatic Gel Soap Dispenser

The Fontana automatic gel soap dispensers are perfect for commercial bathrooms. They are made to go in well with today’s modern or contemporary styled bathrooms or would look good in a traditional setting as well. It is that little detail that makes every bathroom look more put together and complete. This detail will contribute to changing the aesthetics of the bathroom completely giving it a nice elegant feel. These soap dispensers are also made from the finest quality keeping in mind the rough usage commercial fixture go through considering a large amount of public handling them. They are highly durable and last a long time. These soap dispensers are easy to refill and operate as well. It also ensures that no leakage occurs making it one of the best for public restrooms.

Added to all this, these soap dispensers are automatic thus they are operated sensors that detect hand motions or time intervals to determine when to provide soap and when to stop. When a person puts their hand in front of the sensor the soap starts to come stopping once it is removed or after a specific time. This allows less wastage to occur while on the other hand manual soap dispensers have the disadvantage of people mishandling and wasting a lot of soap. Other than this automatic sop dispensers cause fewer germs to spread due to the lack of hands touching them thus ensuring a hygienic environment.