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AC Powered Soap Dispenser

AC power voltage is considered more important in soap dispensers because the touchless operation requires long-lasting technology to handle the high traffic consumption. AC powered soap dispenser is more convenient than multi-voltage soap dispensers. Most commercial buildings are equipped with those AC-powered soap dispensers, so you should try those in your commercial place.

FontanaShowers AC Powered Soap Dispenser: Its mechanical design offers state-of-the-art, easy-to-use technology. It offers a dual function with water and soap pumping all along. It is made to prevent the transfer of germs from one place to the other. Its controlling system is microchipped, making the operation more manageable for people.

FontanaShowers AC Powered Deck Mount Soap Dispenser: This soap dispenser is the most hygienic way to prevent germs and bacteria. Its deck mount design is elegant and straightforward, which can perfectly match every faucet in commercial building bathrooms. It has infrared motion sensors that can sense a certain level within the adjustment settings.

FontanaShowers Ac Powered Wall Mount Soap Dispenser:This soap dispenser is highly convenient, and its installation will increase the bathroom's environment because of its matte black finish. It is made to offer people ease of mind by using a touchless system. It is made on energy saving design, allowing you to adjust the amount of soap pumping accordingly. The AC powered soap dispensers are designed to help you and keep you away from germs and, eventually, illness. So you can get what you like.