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Touchless brass faucets bathroom

Best Rated, Best Value Luxury Design Touchless Restroom Faucets. The Fontana touchless brass faucets are exactly the fixture every commercial bathroom needs. They are designed to go in very well with traditional style bathrooms or any modern ones. They give an exquisite look giving the bathroom a rich character, changing its aesthetics completely. Along with this, brass material especially in commercial bathrooms is the ‘go to’ material. It promises durability as well as longevity. The brass material does not leak or corrode, it is resistant to soft water corrosion and hard water calcification. Due to these reasons brass lasts for a lot of years which is extremely important for commercial bathrooms as they undergo rough usage.

These brass faucets are also operated with the help of sensors that detect hand motion to determine whether to turn the water on or off. They are touchless as the water turns off as soon as a person’s hand comes in front of the sensor and turns off upon its removal. This allows no water wastage which is a common problem in commercial bathrooms as often people do not turn the water off. This requires no manual input due to which no water gets wastage. Added to this it ensures a clean and hygienic environment. Faucets that require manual input to turn them on or off can be the cause of many germs spreading due to many hands touching them. These touchless faucets allow no such thing to occur thus in turn ensuring a clean and safe environment!