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Touch touchless pull down kitchen faucets

If you are looking for an affordable yet sleek faucet with a simple pull-down design, this is going to be your best bet. As just over $400, comes in polished chrome stainless steel. Its contemporary design that gives your kitchen an amazing finish touch and is a great help for cleaning purposes. When you are in kitchen, you are likely to use your sink to wash your hands quite a bit and touching your faucet handle again and again can transfer a lot of germs, it all becomes easier if you do not have to touch it in first place. That’s where the Fontana Deauville Chrome Stainless Steel Sensor Faucet with Pull-Down Sprayer comes in! The product comes with many features with modern technology.

The kitchen sink faucet is deck mount, with single faucet handle. For the product installation only one hole is required. You can adjust the water flow type as per your needs as it has two-way flow type, stream flow and spray flow. The sensor works with a wave of your hand or an object such as pan. It is built on responsive technology, consisting delicate motion sensor for reliable touchless activation. It has two functions, hot and cold. The hose length of 400mm makes is very suitable for regular use. The high-arch swing spout does vertical cleaning of all the utensils. The structure is made up is solid brass which gives it a long life. The touchless kitchen faucet is perfect for residential and commercial use.