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Touch free soap dispenser commercial

Fontana Sensor Faucets offers a variety of sensor activated automatic soap dispensers for your commercial public restroom Projects. See our large collection! Bathrooms at commercial or domestic level can be updated with the Fontana sensor faucets’ touch-free soap dispenser. These soap dispensers do not require touching them. They automatically pour out the liquid when you put your hands beneath the extruding valve. They have precise build-in infrared motion. In these dispensers, the infrared chip is installed which is very sensitive in recognizing the human body's infrared radiations. It does not use batteries. Although a battery can be attached to make it declarable for longer use. The sensors installed in the dispensers detect the human body and instantly pour out the liquid. They are waterproof. They have a sensor-activated soap dispenser. They are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. They look very decent to be mounted in any commercial area or at the domestic level.

They are available in different materials like nickel, stainless steel, and bronze. But mostly they are made of stainless steel. The décor is made of high quality and it gives such superior performance. And it gives durability and reliability. It minimizes the reaction with the soap material. It also gives a classy look. And can be mounted to the sink of the wall easily. These touch-fewer dispensers provide the advantage of germ less hand sanitizing especially for those in public places. It is very beneficial in avoiding any kind of contamination that arises due to multiple touches. These soap dispensers are perfect to use in commercial areas because of their hygienic measure. They are best to be used in commercial units like hospitals, restaurants, hotels, etc.