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tc commercial deck mount automatic soap dispenser

The AutoFoam Touch-Free Skin Care System offers high-quality foam soap in an appealing touch-free dispenser that saves money. This dispenser has a manufacturing battery life of up to three years or 120,000 hands washes, and touch-free shipping removes cross contact to further minimise bacteria dissemination. The AutoFoam unit comes in a variety of colour combos to complement any bathroom decor. Soap dispensers, particularly those that can use alcohol gel, are a common addition to a facility. Not only in the restroom, but also in areas such as building exits, reception rooms, office spaces, and halls, to improve hand hygiene and counter the spread of COVID-19.

When shopping for a soap dispenser, you want it to not only look fine, but also do the job it's supposed to do with minimum fuss. The designation of "best industrial soap dispenser" would be determined by the facility's specific needs. Most soap dispensers have capacities ranging from 300ml to 1.5L. In a high-traffic area, you'd obviously like one with the highest capacity so you don't have to continually refill it. Since you can bulk buy hand soap and hold dispensers topped up, reuseable soap dispensers with bulk fill capability are definitely the most cost appropriate method.

It is worth noting that in lower usage services, there is still enough room to avoid repeated refilling in a soap dispenser that varies from 300ml. Remember to consider the "amount per projectile" from each dispenser. A 500ml dispenser with such a 1ml shooter of soap per dispense, for example, would last the same length of time as a 1L size dispenser with a 2ml shot of soap per dispense.